Finish of MAX_min

27 Aug

Group 12’s project is done. MAX_min is almost officially over.

The end is bittersweet. I have loved getting to know all my group members, especially my mentor. Also, simply watching the older students do their thing was so interesting to me. However, I am more looking forward to participating in the next few years. Maybe then, I’ll be able to help a little more.

I sincerely hope our project “gets the gold.” After all this hard work, time and patience my group members have put into this, I would love to see our creation go so far. Even getting just an honorable mention would be so¬†honorable. Walking into the Art and Architecture building through our ramp, past the amphitheater being put to beautiful use, I wouldn’t be able to keep a grin from my face. What we’ve created is amazing. And it only took three days.

But even if our group doesn’t win, I will be proud. Proud to have participated in such a contest and created what we have. No students in a any other school get an experience quite like this. Already, I’m beginning to see what makes UTCoAD so unique and special.

Though this may be the end of my first MAX_min, it is only the beginning of my first year; the kickstart to my five years in Architecture. A great end to a great start, I must say.





Group 12, getting it done.

24 Aug

Group 12, getting it done.

Marion and Ethan

Start of MAX_min 2012 group 12

24 Aug

For being thrown into a group of older, much more knowledgeable and experienced architecture students, and then being assigned a project that I totally did not understand…I am surprisingly not lost (yet). At first, I probably resembled a deer in the headlights (probably still do, actually). I figured I’d just keep my mouth shut and let the people who knew what they were doing make the plan.

And that they did. I listened and watched while they brainstormed and sketched, talking, it seemed, in a different language. One I hope to speak soon. Words like “stairs,” walkway,” “ramp,” “amphitheater,” “doors,” and such, however, were obviously familiar to me. But on how to design them? Psh, don’t ask me. I let the experts figure that out. Soon, I not only understood the project, but watched as our group’s project took form.

So far, our idea appears amazing to me. I may be a little biased (or ignorant), but I think it’ll win. I can only hope the judges agree! Personally, I think 2012 is the year for group 12! Ha. This experience, though a little overwhelming, so far has been educational and enjoyable. I can’t wait to see the results of my first ever design project.



Hello world!

24 Aug

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